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UpHunt no-code template includes both an intuitive front-end and powerful admin platform. It has an admin page to manage the product submissions, comments or other relevant items. Users can upload their own products, vote for others, comment and reply on the product page and create collections of products.
Eaty - a nocode template for food delivery. It comes with a responsive user app, a driver app, a backend for restaurant owners, and an admin dashboard for the platform owner.
Have a lesson, course, or curriculum to share? Build a web app for an online learning platform and get paid for generating subscribers!\nCoursely is an amazing template built without code and suitable for creating an online course platform similar to Udemy template.
HomeBNB is a no-code web application template for accommodation rentals. It has all the major features including apartment listings, messaging, credit card payments and much more. Have real estate, venues, or something else to build a marketplace for?
Uplance no-code template is a complex freelance template, where users can post jobs and workers can apply for them. The application offers a landing page, messaging functionality. Also, it provides an admin dashboard to enable communication between employers and freelancers.
Booky is an amazing no-code app template that will allow you to launch a platform that brings users and service providers together. It can be used for Consultants, Teachers, Sports Instructors, Coaches, Handymen, etc. It features responsive design, messaging, payments & refunds, various cancellation policies, and much more!
In this doc you'll find a simple onboarding guide for new hires. To use this doc, just make a copy and fill out your company's information! There's a variety of sections to help new hires get oriented.
This doc aggregates and organizes all your customer conversations, support tickets, and survey forms, into one powerful table. So nothing falls through the cracks.
Listening to your customers is one of the most important parts of building a product or scaling a business. This doc allows you to track customer requests, then analyze and reply to your customers, all within the same doc.
Relatively Productive Podcast Planner ;)
A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company's competitive position and to develop strategic planning.
This doc helps you make more accurate inventory purchase decisions.
The main idea of this template is simple: Decide what you want out of your board meeting, and design a doc that matches that flow. A doc by Coda CEO Shishir Mehrotra.
Use this to structure, document and run an effective team meeting. Made by Gusto.
Whether you're optimizing pizza production, manufacturing widgets, or building the first rocket to Mars, this doc helps you manage production. Build up finished products via the individual components, tracking shortages, margins, and reorder points as you make.
Simples Template für ein Team-Wiki.
This template helps you and your team get started with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) based on the book Measure What Matters by John Doerr.
This Meeting Starter Kit showcases free, time-saving templates focused on helping you lead meetings your team actually wants to attend and eliminate the ones that no longer serve you. And each template is customizable, so you can plan, facilitate, and follow up on meetings—in a way that works best for you.
There are new employees, new teams, new features, new processes, and as a company grows, you have step back farther and farther to see the big picture. It’s easy to get sidetracked and buried in your own corner of the microcosm. To maintain alignment while growing, it’s critical that everyone is on the same page. To help do this, we've created a common space to ensure that everyone is receiving the same, most important information. The template is made by Angela Wu Li from Mode.
Gusto’s COO Lexi Reese shares a toolkit of best practices for managing a high performing team.\nIn many moons of experience in non-profit, big tech, and now as COO of Gusto, there is a common thread amongst successful teams: a consistent set of best practices that codifies how the work gets done. Without that alignment, teams are subject to a myriad of frustrations — misinformation, games of telephone, missed deadlines, unproductive cycles, etc.
Scheduling can be chaos. Every minute of every day is calls, emails, and follow-ups. It's easy to let things fall through the cracks, especially if you're stuck menu diving in complex tools. This doc removes friction from moving someone through the process, so you can focus on getting the next call scheduled.
  • Rechnungen erstellen
  • Rechnungen tracken
  • Dashboard mit Übersicht

Template für eine schlichte, intuitive und nützliche Konferenz-App.

  • Timetable der Konferenz
  • Speakers vorstellen
  • Möglichkeit die App mit beliebigen Funktionen zu erweitern

Sehr schönes Readymag-Template für digitale Performance Reports.

  • Eignet sich für Instagram und andere Social Media Kanäle
  • Beeindruckendes Design für einen Report
  • Hebt sich von herkömmlichen Präsentationsfolien ab
  • Aals Website zugänglich-> digitaler Report

Team Goals ist ein Coda Template mit dem sich Ziele eines Teams interaktiv messen lassen.

  • OKR Methode (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Aktuelle % Angaben der Zielerreichung
  • Ziele für jede*n Mitarbeiter*in

  • Zeit tracken für Projekte
  • Sekunden genaue Auswertungen für Projekte machen
  • Beliebig weitere Funktionen können hinzugefügt werden